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Some people are born into musical families, where records are listened to non-stop and playing a musical instrument is a given. I was born into a radio family. Growing up, it was never off.

At 13, I wrote letters to broadcasters around Manchester begging for work experience. The BBC let me in! After that, it was where I spent all school holidays. I was given my first proper job at 17. It was fun and fast paced. I couldn’t believe I was getting paid for it and I’m fairly certain, I didn’t take my BBC lanyard off, from the day I got it, until I moved to Australia when I was 21.

Between working shifts at a local café, learning that the phrase ‘old mate’ does not mean that a person is actually your friend and that wearing shoes was now optional, I got a job producing at the ABC.

Since then I’ve worked for commercial radio, returned to the UK for a 6-month stint with BBC Radio4 and 5Live, gained a first-class law degree and I’m the only person outside of the US to have completed the Transom Story Mentorship.

I now produce and present award winning radio documentaries and podcasts for ABC Radio National and Nova Podcasts, as well as hosting & producing my own successful podcast, That’s Helpful.

My Work

That’s Helpful

Every week That’s Helpful serves up the very best science backed by self-help. It’s in the top 10% of Australian podcasts & has built a dedicated following both in podcast subscribers and Instagram followers.

Radio Docos

I’ve presented & produced radio documentaries for ABC Radio National on everything from Bitcoin to the Berlin Wall, including Why The Cold War Still Matters, An Object in Time & Future Tense.


I’ve been the Executive Producer for the award-winning Dear Clementine, Supervising Producer for the Take Me To Your Leader pilot, as well as producing for Conversations, This Working Life & Late Night Live.

That’s Helpful

  • One of Apple’s top 5 podcasts for 2022.
  • Regularly featured on Apple’s Browse page, in the ‘Indie Favs’ playlist & often in Spotify’s ‘Podcast Picks of The Week’.
  • Over 12.6k followers on Instagram.
  • Reels regularly go viral, reaching hundreds of thousands of people - some even millions!

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